About Laboratorium Psychoedukacji

Laboratorium Psychoedukacji was established in 1978 as the first private psychotherapy center in Poland. Our team consists of experienced and well educated psychotherapists, supervisors of psychotherapy, consultants, trainers, coaches, medical doctors and lecturers. We are also certified psychotherapists and psychotherapy supervisors – holding certificates issued by the Polish Psychological Association, Polish Psychiatry Association, European Association for Psychotherapy and European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.

In our work we recognize psychodynamic and relation based foundations, including also psychoanalytic theories.

We see mental health as an area that is influenced by dynamically conflicted forces – partly unconscious but having significant meaning for our conscious thoughts, feelings, behaviours and interpersonal behaviours.

In accordance with the important current trend of integration we also use the findings and achievements from other psychotherapeutic approaches – existential, humanistic, systemic, CBT.

We are still working on a new English version of  lps.pl site.

More information soon.

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