Intensive workshop

In the intensive workshops the participants are invited to take part in individual, paired and group exercises, sometimes very vigorous, sometimes subtle and inward-looking. Participants also have an individual session each in the group framework to deepen the process of opening, of expression, exploration and sometimes outreach or confrontation.

We spend considerable time in the group exchanging verbally about these experiences, their resonance in our lives often with a view to the weaving of new possibilities and the determination to see them through in the form those lives have taken outside.

Although at times physically demanding, the work is firmly tailored, as much as possible, to the individual needs and capacities of participants. This is not ‘one size fits all’ therapy, but a dialogue with the self and others which aims to achieve a real degree of liberation from hidden patterns of tension and lifelessness which hold us prisoners.

Price: 1390 PLN + costs of accommodation (depending on the resort and the room quality)

Dates in 2020:

  • 3-8.04 near Wrocław
  • 24-29.04 near Wrocław
  • 30.04-5.05 near Warsaw
  • 29.05-3.06 near Cracow
  • 21-26.06 near Gdańsk
  • 7-12.08 near Warsaw
  • 10-15.11 near Warsaw
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