Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) Core Training

For psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists

ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy) is an approach whose worldwide acknowledgment is constantly increasing. It enables permanent change in psychological structure within a relatively short period of time. It is an evidence-based therapeutic approach confirmed by vast body of research.

We offer advanced training that grants qualifications for using ISTDP in clinical practice. The graduation certificate is issued by ISTDP Institute in Washington D.C.

The new edition of Core Training will begin in Spring 2020.

Training program

First year of the training is focused on principles of ISTDP and practicing skills enabling establishing and maintaining effective work with all kinds of patients.

Second year is devoted to working with patients with fragile ego, depressed and somatising. Participants will learn how to work through defences of somatisation, projection and externalisation and build observing ego, identify and restructure defence mechanisms.

Third year of training refers to skills necessary to work with highly resistant patients. The teaching will focus on interventions referring to high superego pathology, character defences and transference resistance.

The training is designed to not only learn more, but also be able to do more, to become more effective psychotherapist. This is facilitated by devoting one hour of each day of training to process and assimilate feelings and group reactions to presented material, group and supervision experience.

Supervision implies watching, analysing and learning from video recordings of sessions conducted by supervisees. It is important to start bringing videotapes of own psychotherapeutic work from the very beginning of training. Initially participants tend to be afraid of doing this and it is a natural reaction since video recording and discussing work is still not common in the field of psychotherapy. Thus, participants are asked to remember that the main task is not only to learn from each other, but also build culture of empathy towards each other as people who are in the process of learning. Compassion, understanding and honesty present in the group will also be brought in to our work with patients. Before you enter the training ask yourself whether you would like to treat yourself and your training fellows with empathy and understanding?

Jon Frederickson

Our teachers

Jon Frederickson
Supervisor, psychotherapist, university teacher, author of over 20 papers on psychoanalytic psychotherapy and short term dynamic psychotherapy, among them Co-Creating Change: Effective Dynamic Therapy Techniques. Founder of ISTDP Institute in Washington D.C.

Patricia Coughlin
Dr. Coughlin is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of professional experience, therapist, teacher and writer committed to facilitating deep and lasting healing for her patients and training therapists to do the same. Her work integrates the theoretical understanding of normal and pathological development and incorporates the latest findings from psychotherapy research and neuroscience in order to elucidate techniques of proven effectiveness. Further, these techniques are woven into a coherent model of treatment known as Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP)

Tobias Nordqvist
Clinical psychologist and ISTDP-therapist. He works at his private practice in Stockholm and teaches at several universities in Sweden. He also runs ISTDP core groups in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Beata Załoga
Psychiatrist and psychotherapist certified by Polish Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and European Association for Psychotherapy. Certified graduate of advanced ISTDP training, attends the course for ISTDP teachers by Jon Frederickson. Conducts ISTDP classes for the attendees of Postgraduate Psychotherapy Studies in Laboratorium Psychoedukacji. Co-author of a chapter about ISTDP in „Psychotherapy. Schools and methods” by Lidia Grzesiuk, Hubert Suszek et. al., Eneteia.


ISTDP Core Training lasts 3 years and consists of 36 training days, divided into workshops (1-3 days). The course is conducted in English with consecutive translation to Polish.

To apply please send your CV to Laboratorium Psychoedukacji:

Entrance fee will be given when the exact date of the first part of Core Training is confirmed.

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