Opening Group®

Opening Group® is our own interpersonal group work formula created in Laboratorium Psychoedukacji in 1978 and developed ever since. So far it has been attended by more than 12 000 people.

About Opening Group®

  • it is an intensive group experience of interpersonal character, an opportunity to make contact with oneself, with others and a group;
  • it is a chance to become aware, in an atmosphere of security and trust, how the reactions of other people influence our self-esteem and how we perceive ourselves;
  • it is an opportunity to receive feedback regarding our own behavior (what and how we do, what are we striving for, what do we avoid) and its impact on other people’s attitudes towards us;
  • it is a chance to recognize and understand our own style of making contact and creating a relationship with others and a group;
  • it restores hope, a sense of will and responsibility; it facilitates reflection. Sometimes it becomes a first step towards a desirable change. It can also be a one-time experience or an introduction to self-developmental work.

What happens on Opening Group®?

The situation is open – the participants and two conducting psychotherapists sit in a circle and begin to talk. If they want to, they talk about themselves, why did they decide to come here and what are they looking for. As time goes on, a sense of trust and closeness builds up, the conversation becomes deeper, more personal topics are brought up. The psychotherapists who conduct the group encourage its attendees to comment upon what happens between them during sessions. This self-reflective aspect of work makes for the biggest value of the Opening Group®.

Stretching and strengthening exercises

  • Meditation
  • Trance running – a slow jog focused on heightening of concentration and body relaxation
  • Relaxation

Opening Groups® are recommended to everyone whose psychological condition enables them to participate in an emotionally and cognitively intense five-day group experience.

The date of the forthcoming Opening Group® in English will be confirmed soon.

If you would like to attend or need more information, please contact us:


phone: (+48) 22 617 61 64, 22 616 13 72




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