Our group is a proposition for everyone who would like to develop their self-consciousness and the consciousness of their relationships with other people and with a group considered as a community. Thanks to knowing ourselves better we can learn to live according to our needs and values and to understand and respect others.

About the Group

By working in this group the participants can experience loosening of their physical and emotional armor. The muscle armor is a pattern of chronic bodily tension solidified over the years. It consists of conflicts and emotions that are crucial to us. Feelings that are locked in our muscles are unexpressed grief, rage and anxiety, but also love, joy or trust. The participants of the group work with all aspects of movement, feeling and interaction. In exercises we pay special attention to breathing and optical perception. 

Entry Requirements

Prior to participating in the group it is necessary to meet one of the following requirements:

  • participation in Opening Group® or one of the advanced groups
  • having finished individual or group psychotherapy led by a psychotherapist certified by Polish Psychological Association or Polish Psychiatric Association (if a person interested in participating in Somatic Psychotherapy group is currently in the process of psychotherapy, they need a permission of their therapist to join the group)
  • having taken two consultations with a psychotherapist recommended by Laboratorium Psychoedukacji


1750 zł. + costs of accommodation and diet


If you would like to apply, contact with group coordinator.