Being in a relationship is a unique life experience; there is a dynamic of both hope and disappointment. To engage in a relationship, to sustain it, to care for intimacy and being close and at the same time not forget about one’s own autonomy is a challenge often accompanied by crises, some of which may be difficult to overcome without external therapeutic help and support.

Couples therapy is an offer for partners ready to be able to look at their relationship and at each other in new ways in order to be able to find a harmonious balance.

We invite interested couples to first undergo a consultation. It takes 50-100 minutes.  At the end of consultation the couple receives an offer regarding further therapeutic work focus on reestablishing a close relationship and its development. This kind of therapy may also include mediation in conflict situations.

The offer may consist of a number of sessions of couples therapy and/or some kind of individual personal psychological or therapeutic help for each of the partners/spouses.