Psychotherapy is an act of conscious and intentional application of clinical and interpersonal methods originating from empirically verified psychological theories. Its purpose is to accompany people in the process of changing or modifying their behaviors, cognitive patterns, emotions and other personal features into the ones that the participants of the process consider to be more desirable.

There is a vast number of psychotherapeutic modalities. In our institute we mainly offer psychodynamic psychotherapy, occasionally integrating other evidence-based methods.

Psychotherapy is always preceded by a consultation. Its aim is to make an initial assessment of a problem and to choose the most adequate form of support that will suit the needs and possibilities of a person or a couple.
If after finishing a consultation you decide to begin psychotherapy, you will be put on a waiting list. When available hours for regular sessions appear in a schedule of a psychotherapist, we contact you in order to pass the information regarding the place, hours and days of the weekly meetings and also the price of a single session.